Let’s play!

Working on a personal project, I was looking for a java framework to develop a web interface. I didn’t want to use a “full stack” java framework and searched for a RAD  approach and found some information on wicket and trapestry and finally found Play!.

I first take a look at the live coding demo and was impressed : exactly (or almost) what I was looking for. Java and simple page templates (with groovy). Watch the video and take a look at the samples in the package and you’ll have a good idea of the power of the framework.

I’m just trying it since a week and can already create some application : I’ve already one done (just having to add some entities but the core is already done).

Most of my work was learning JQuery (that I didn’t know before) to make a dynamic web application : edit in place, ajax, … I’ve for example mix an editinplace on a date with a datepicker. So Play! made me discover JQuery I already heard but never get a try in the forest a javascript frameworks (prototype, mootools, script. aculo.us, … didn’t know where to begin).

There already some great modules as CRUD and Secure, to make the admin part of your application for example, as in the blog sample.

Perhaps more about Play! and JQuery soon ?


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