My Samsung Galaxy S and Android froyo 2.2

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I’ve just upgraded my android phone with the froyo 2.2 version.

Though you can see the, there’s a number of interesting new features I noticed. Some are from the Samsung user interface “TouchWiz”.

The first one is the stamp on sms, e-mail with the numbber of unread items.

New viea to manage the 7 home screens

The management of the seven home screens is also reviewed : with the pinch gesture, you can have a view of the 7 small screen you can arrange with drag and drop and delete dragging to the  dust bin.

My personal home screen

On my first home screen, I’ve put :

  • the new fancy widget with the comic weather theme (yes, themes are available now, and a pro version too)
  • google navigation shortcuts (I’ll write a review soon, with the enhancement I’m awaiting to make it the perfect tool for navigation)

There’s some new standard applications too :

The new task manager application (last of second row)

The application management screen with categories tab

And the option to move your application to your external SD card

And the option to move your application to your external SD card

Press reader : the service will be available soon :-O

Yes, Press Reader is new and not “online” for the moment.

The management of applications has changed too :


A new icon to suppress an application (less iphone-like look)

and the market comes with his new features :


You can now upgrade all your application in one click

Auto upgrade is available for applications

A great enhancement is the new feature of text selection, copy/cut/paste :

Point to the text an the selection feature pops up.

Drag the cursor to select andclick copy or cut.

Once you have already made a copy or cut, there’s also  a paste icon available.

The newq notification bar have new toggle buttons :

Notification with GPS on-off and auto-rotation on-off

The goggle enhanced search tool :

The option box for search options

It’s nothing but a little change in the colors :

A darker blue in popup dialog boxes

And some more colors again :

The parameters menu with colors icons (no more two colors ones)


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