Play!> 2.0 Install it to /opt anyway

I don’t understand the new install of play!> framework 2.0

The documentation says :

[…]extract the archive to a location where you have both read and write access. (Running play writes some files to directories within the archive, so don’t install to /opt, /usr/local or anywhere else you’d need special permission to write to.)

For example, the ‘play’ command writes a lock file in dir.


So how do you share the installation between users ? How do you ensure nobody broke the installation ? I don’t like that choice. Here are the commands to still install to /opt (or other irectory of you choice).

groupadd play
sudo chgrp play play-2.0
sudo chmod -R g+w play-2.0/
sudo usermod -a -G play username

What I’d like from the play team :

– the pros and cons of the choice
– a release strategy explanation :

Play 2.0 is out but 1.x branch is not dead. Really ?

Issue #1304 is, in my opinion, a critical defect (absolutely impossible to use version 1.2.4 with PotgreSQL). It was opened on December 7th, 2011 and resolved on December 12th, 2011 : but no new release as been published since.

What kind of support of the framework can an enterprise expect ?

Play! is a great framework, but must have a clearer and better support policy for enterprise that use it in critical businesses.


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